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PERMANENT RUIN "Más Allá de la Muerte " EP

Image of PERMANENT RUIN "Más Allá de la Muerte " EP


Raging hardcore edging on thrash from members of CONDENADA and IN DISGUST.

""Más allá de la Muerte" packs more intensity, rage, presence, and oppressive pressure changes than most hardcore band's entire careers. From the opening rumble, PERM RÜ locks into a steamrolling pummel of blazing riffs, occasional blast beats, mosh breakdowns, and blood-boiling vocals that combine for a merciless hardcore thrill-kill to your emotions and never lets up til all puny wimps are left cowering in the wake. For those keeping score, this Bay Area wrecking machine sports members of IN DISGUST and CONDENADA. They've also managed to pull Tobia of LOOK BACK AND LAUGH out of retirement for guest vocals on a track."

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