Artimus Pyle - "Fucked From Birth" LP/CD

by Artimus Pyle

Unrelenting powerhouse of screamed vocals, pulse pounding drumming, and low end guitar fury, this, the first proper full length for Artimus Pyle, refines all their previous output to precision lethal destructiveness. Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios, "Fucked From Birth" is as it suggests: an anguished, brooding powerhouse hardcore record, cut of the dark Prank mold but with Artimus Pyle's unique and typical twists. Streamlining the manic attack of their earlier records, this follows the "Fortress" EP by the same new line up (with members of What Happens Next?, Iron Lung, Vae Victus, Fuckface and more), faster and more thrashy, briefly lurching slow bits before launching back to full throttle.

On LP & CD. White vinyl LP while supplies last.