BURST - Conquest: Writhe" CD

by Burst

Burst commands a new school inspired intensity (ala Refused or maybe hints of a more melodic Coalesce) with deft jumps between straight-ahead fast hardcore and melodic guitar driven melodies like So Much Hate Or Life....But How To Live It? The ten songs here are not easily contained by labels or comparisons to other bands, as they are charged with a multitude of influences from metallic downbeats, thrash, melodic hardcore, new and old metal. The final track is a remix by Merzbow even! Burst is powered by a dead-on rhythm section, a scathing vocalist, and some over-the-top guitarists flinging out quick solos and monster riffs while overlaying the entire procession with somber melody. The vinyl was released by Sweden's mighty Putrid Filth Conspiracy label, this is "Conquest: Writhe" first issue on CD and first release in the US, followed by an LP on Relapse records. Mastered at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley.

Only on CD