Damad - "Burning Cold" CD

by Damad

Resonating pulse of metallic fury meshed in hypnotic rhythms. A thundering destructo-core hybrid of rock, metal, and punk with serious tonnage riffs, whirling noise, grim-to-grimmer samples all caked over with harsh screeched, howled, growled and cackled vocals. Second full length LP from Savannah, Georgia's Damad. A sound decidedly darker, with intricate guitar work that scavenges elements of Sabbath, death metal, southern rock, and crust. Lyrically, Damad remains a beacon of hope, grounded in concerns for the environment, the paths one walks through life, balance with nature and more. Eight songs recorded at the Jam Room with Billy Anderson (Melvins, Jawbreaker,Sick Of It All, etc.) with cover artwork by Pushead (Misfits, FU's, Metallica, Septic Death). (Prank 030)