DESOLATION - "Rest In Panic" 7"

by Desolation

The Bay Area's DESOLATION return ! Blasting metallic hardcore fusing the melodic influence of Japanese "Burning spirits" hardcore with straight forward attack of US thrash and the dark tone of European Crust. DESOLATION went on Hiatus shortly after their Self-tilted prank Debut LP of 2005, but return with a new vocalist and three new tracks. Fusing influences of the members previous and current bands-BORN/DEAD, ABRUPT, STRUNG UP, SCURVY DOGS with a marked inspiration from Japanese Hardcore with relentless upbeat energy and searing leads , these are the fastest DESOLATION tracks yet, but still retain the complex song writing and bleak feel of their previous releases. Cover Features new artwork by Japanese Artist SUGI.

Black vinyl = 500 pressed.
Splatter Vinyl = 500 Pressed.