by Effluxus

Blasting noise edged "Headache hardcore" from the SF Bay Area, EFFLUXUS mix caustic influences from blown out Japanese and Chaotic European hardcore with their own straight ahead overdrive. Featuring former members of MORPHEME, YADOKAI, SANCTUM and DETONIZE, EFFLUXUS' Debut Prank 4 song EP features their trademark harsh buzzsaw guitar distortion, Hauntingly echoing Shouted vocals and thundering drum attack. A raw explosion of Intensity, EFFLUXUS previously released a 12" on seattle's RUST & MACHINE and have numerous DIY demos released worldwide. One of the strong forces of the current Bay Area DIY Scene, regularly organizing festivals, gigs and tours, EFFLUXUS will tour the west coast in May with Sweden's INFERNOH. Cover art by Guillem from DESTINO FINAL, Mastered by George horn with heavy weight vinyl in textured pocket Sleeve with Insert.
391 on Black Vinyl. 360 on Orange.