FORWARD - "War, Nuke & Death Sentence" LP Vinyl

by Forward

Aggressive Melodic hardcore punk attack, Tokyo's FORWARD return with their first new LP since 2004's " Burn Down the Corrupt Justice" with catchy guitar riffs grounded in solid rhythms with intense gravel throated vocals from World Punk Legend, Ishiya! Their First LP with New Drummer Akiyama, FORWARD maintain a constant live Schedule in their native Japan and have honed these new tracks to make a solid collection of song-driven Anthems hammered with hardcore impact. Lyrically the LP is poetically reflective and many of the songs address the situation of Post-Tsunami Japan. Formed in 1996 comprised of former members of DEATHSIDE, INSANE YOUTH and SYSTEMATIC DEATH, this is the band's Third full LP and follows a recent set of catalog re-issues on Prank. FORWARD returned to the US for their Third Stateside tour earlier this year.This vinyl edition comes house in a U/V gloss heavy weight sleeve with Mastering by Jack Control from WORLD BURNS TO DEATH/ ENORMOUS DOOR STUDIOS and Lacquer Cutting By George Horn.