GENERACION SUICIDA/ESPERANZA/SOLPAATOS - roam over the land 3 way 7"ep


GENERACION SUICIDA/ESPERANZA/SOLPAATOS - Roam Over the land 3way 7" Ep made for the recent GENERACION SUICIDA japan tour. 600 copies pressed. Japan Import.

Hard beat punk rock Generation Suicida (LA/USA), Spanish attack punk Esperanza (Hiroshima), Finnish raw

punk ghost Solpaatos (Niigata). That's world-wide full punk connection 3way split 7"ep!
They're influenced by each countries and cities then maiking own sounds through their filters.
GS, They did japan tour rencently. It sound like raw and rough hard punk with nostalgic feeling.

screaming out about their struggle, life, oppression etc...Espenraza got much inspiration UK82'- early

Spanish raw hardcore punk, Attack! Attack! and Solpaatos is cursed by traditional Finiish hardcore punk.

It seems more than Finnish bands? 6songs, 2way reversible sleeve.