Ice Nine - Nobody's Son

by Ice Nine

ICE NINE from Indianapolis, Indiana represented everything that was great about resurgent extreme hardcore of the 1990's- a experimental willingness to throw anything against the wall to make it's point, incorporating the straight forward attack of 80's hardcore but pulverizing formula through burly Low end down beat, intensely Frenetic drumming, swirling guitar leads and the fragmentary Midwest stop and start twists. A Uniquely Original band like their contemporaries HIS HERO IS GONE, IN/HUMANITY, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY and with a sound way ahead of the same stop-melody-start-grind that became popular in the late nineties / early 00's by half a decade, Prank was originally slated to release an LP by ICE NINE in 1996, but the band broke up before it was recorded. Band members went on to play in TIME IN MALTA, BURN IT DOWN, MAHJAS, THE PROBLEMATICS, YOU WILL DIE and THE DREAM IS DEAD. A successful CD collection of ICE NINE's material from the Bovine, Ebullition, Rhetoric labels was released on Happy Couples Never Last in 2004 and in 2009, the band reunited with all original members to play Indianapolis's DUDEFEST. The response was so phenomenal ICE NINE wrote three new tracks that pick up right where they left off. Mastered by George horn with a cover by Bob Peele ( {mag] Fanzine.

Black vinyl = 550 Pressed.
White Vinyl =500 Pressed.