MAUSER/D-CLONE/FOLKEIIS - complete aural turmoil 7"ep!


Japan Import on Hardcore Survives.

"Chaos, turmoil, deaf and hatred. this 3way split giving the shock to the distorted world. D-clone/Folkeiis organize Muaser japan tour in this Februaly. so many people got inspired from their staging on Chaon in Tejas in last year. one of the central band of American Raw hc punk scene nowadays. their various activity is taking so many young kids into raw punk hell. energetic "fists and depth" is even more than their 1st ep. sharpen soul and sensibility D-clone is straight ahead to Wall of noise. going to devide from Finnish hc punk Folkeiis, more originality sounds steping next level of hardcore punk! their rebellion and defiance minds beating a wind hole to the era!"