NO STATIK- "Everywhere You Aren't Looking" LP Dark Blue Vinyl

by No Statik

These are one of the best colors Prank ever got back! A cool Blue-black swirl from Bill smith

A chaotic Swirl blasting at extreme velocity, the San Francisco Bay Area's NO STATIK's Second 12" is a torrent of rapid-fire drum attack, Searing guitar leads and harsh vocals. NO STATIK 's Sound draws from the Fast, Chaotic hardcore sound of the 1990's as the band's long pedigree maps DIY hardcore scene of the last two decades- Members previously played in SCROTUM GRINDER, MOMENTO MORI, IMPETUS INTER, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, DESTROY!, ARTIMUS PYLE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY, MURDER SUICIDE-PACT, JUD JUD, FUCKFACE, SCHOLASTIC DETH, THE LIGHT, CONQUEST FOR DEATH, REPLICA and currently play in SABRE, SHIT COFFINS and CONVENIENCE. NO STATIK combining diverse elements of all those past, present and future sounds to ignite another level of Sonic Mayhem. Bleak lyrics frame this outing, as the single track A-Side has the band again experimenting... with Ambient near Horror Movie Soundtrack type eeriness. Recorded at Earhammer and Mastered at George Horn. NO STATIK recorded two final 12"'s on IRON LUNG RECORDS. This 12" was under pressed in it's initial pressing and sold out quickly, and was re-pressed in limited quantity on Dark blue vinyl.