Powerfully colliding Stripped Down hardcore with an updated version of the offbeat cold Wave / New wave fusion of classic 80's Polish Punk, PESD (POST EXTREME STRESS DISORDER) pull no punches in harsh vocal attack, Pounding rhythms and searing hook-laden rockin' hardcore riffs. The fast tracks tear with inventiveness and all-out furor of the best of International Hardcore records, then keyboards and early industrial sound effects come out in the Mid tempo songs to cast the record in a dark, near-gothic light, still retaining the aggressive urgency and mood.

An Inventive and powerful collaboration project between the guitarist of Poland's Legendary POST REGIMENT and the singer of the equally legendary TRAGEDIA, "POLITIKAREPOIZONEKURVAE" was originally released in 2005 on CD on Poland's Trujaca Fala label. This was so glued to the Prank Record's office stereo and is one of our absolute favorite records of the last few years, We decided to press it stateside.
The U.S. version has been re-mastered at Fantasy by George Horn and comes in full color deluxe packaging.