REALITY CRISIS - "Not Bound By The Past, We Live In The Present" LP

by Reality Crisis
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REALITY CRISIS NEW LP! "Not bound By The Past, We live in the Present"

Explosive hardcore from Nagoya, Japan REALITY CRISIS take harsh dual vocals that ho, screamed, shout, and powerfully punch atop bombastic hardcore, fuel it with titanic pounding build ups and blast everything into raging hardcore songs that strike an intensely pointed balance between straight forward thrashing and a descent into noisy Chaos. This new LP features re-recordings of older tracks from the band's various deleted EP's and compilation tracks, completely re-recorded and re-mastered by the band's current line up. Their third Domestic US Release in addition to an appearance on Prank's US press of the "Nagoya City Hardcore" Compilation LP, REALITY CRISIS returned to the US for their second time recently and first appearance at Austin's Chaos in Tejas Festival. Split release with Japan's MCR label.

Distributor return so not sure if these are Aqua- green- blue or bright green copies.