SIGNAL LOST - "Children of the Wasteland" CD

by Signal Lost

Signal Lost brandishes a raw guitar attack and passionate female vocals, playing catchy mid-tempo hardcore punk rock with heavy emphasis on songs as opposed to over the top thrash bludgeoning. Blending the moodiness of '80s UK peace-punk like The Mob and Zounds, with the anthemic qualitities of Polish Punk like Dezerter and Post Regiment, and the punchy yet tuneful aggression of Articles Of Faith and Proletariat, Signal Lost carries the rich legacy of Texas punk a step further with a sound that riffs off of familiar elements but has it's own distinct identity. Guitarist Stan played guitar in Memphis's Deathreat who released numerous records on both Prank and the Partners In Crime Records, as well as the criminally underrated and prolific New York City band Balance Of Terror. The raw guitar sound of those bands remains, but the tempo slows to allow the melodic framework of the songs to shine. Recorded at Jackpot Studios in Portland (Elliott Smith, Sleater Kinney) by Larry Crane (Tape Op Magazine), "Children Of The Wasteland" is a unique record, different than your typical Prank release and a unique addition to the Prank family of bands.

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