SIGNAL LOST - "Prosthetic Screams" LP

by Signal Lost

Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST second LP and sophomore release "Prosthetic Screams" combines a WIPERS-Styled Guitar moodiness, AVENGERS-esque sung Female vocals, a on-point rhythm section, altogether echoing everything from Mid-Period TSOL, classic 80's New Wave, UK Peace Punk and at the same time reveling in the same dark outlook and spirit akin to most stuff on the Prank Label. Jokingly and now seemingly stuck with the tag " Dance music for Old Punks", it's a mark of the infectious nature of SIGNAL LOST's songs, and this LP is the strongest definition of the band yet, with widely marked progression within ten varied tracks, ranging from almost radio friendly pop punk to all out hardcore ragers to moody mid tempo tracks with surf-ish guitar. Recorded last year at the Bubble in Austin mastered by Jerry Tubbs at Terra Nova and featuring art work from Austin Artist Win Wallace, SIGNAL LOST features members of DEATHREAT , BALANCE OF TERROR, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and J-CHURCH...... Sounds like none of those bands with their own unique bent , but just as great!

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