SIGNAL LOST - "You'll Never Get Us Down Again" 7"

by Signal Lost

Austin,Texas's SIGNAL LOST's second record follows their debut LP in an inventive mix of melodic guitars,impassioned female vocals, and mid-tempo Hardcore-edged punk rock with a hint of garage, new wave and '77 punk. These four diverse tracks-From a melodic mid-tempo charger to the bands fastest, most hardcore material are the debut of new drummer Chris, who previously was in SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and is currently also in J-CHURCH. Guitarist Stan, who was previously in BALANCE OF TERROR and DEATHREAT, produced and recorded this stripped down recording which highlights his raw HUSKER DU -ish guitar sound. Since their debut LP in June of 2004 have criss crossed the US multiple times, hitting major DIY punk festivals and touring with Japanese band HAMMER, and are currently on tour in Europe. This EP is available in Europe from Trujca Fala and communichaos.