SIN RITMO "Sonidos Barbajanes" 7" EP


SIN RITMO ( Without Rhythm / offbeat) are a band from Mexico and LA featuring members of Fuga, Cadenaxo, Degenere, Secreto Publico, etc. This is a 2020 EP released on Planet Destrozado

I have mixed feeling about the visual aesthetic of punk in a lot of modern punk records being distilled to real simple signifiers, because they can be used -as they've been used in Heavy metal for decades-without any real clear intent of personal, political or direct communication outside of checking off a set of Clip Art.

That Said, it's near friggin' impossible to fault the incredibly awesome cover of Mexico /LA's SIN RITMO 7" EP which features a punked out, chain wielding, Johnny Blaze-esque spirit of vengeance in front of a neon orange, cobwebbed brick wall, bordered by a stylized and barbed wire band logo. The most striking thing is the choices and energy of which it's colored, which pops specs of white like it was filled in with dayglo highlight markers. This is a really fun Cover with a similar interior fold out poster that comes printed on newsprint that already feels aged .

Musically, The overwhelming feeling of this 7 track Ep is the more experimental edge of 80's Italian hardcore, Like CCCP's caged vocals and mechanical attack or closer on the dart board, the frantic energy of I REFUSE IT where the vocals are sung/ shouted slightly above the chaos. By throwing in a measure of cowbell and other offbeat percussive and noise elements these tracks also feels like that really early creative explosion where people were just having fun trying stuff out, enthusiasm bursting before hard and fast rules. The lyrics are in Spanish and personal / political, poetic and expressive.

Released by Planet Destrozado in New York. 300 copies made on Black Vinyl. Hand-stamped labels, Fold over sleeve with mini- poster lyric insert.