by Avskum and Skamfläck

Get Both the new SKAMFLACK LP and the reissue of the AVSKUM single in a set.

SKAMFLÄCK - "SYNKA ALLA KLOCKOR FÖR MIDNATT “ ( Synchronize Your Clocks for Midnight) is 14 charging blasts of classic Swedish D-Beat hardcore, charged with urgency that the planet steps ever numbingly closer to oblivion and is a direct assault against the tide of corruption, stupidity and racism that guides each step. Peter From AGONI and SVART SNÖ conceived many of the songs with the same inspired direct outrage of his legendary 1980’s bands, and recruited Rulle and Anton ( ACURSED, MASS ARREST) his bandmates from SUNDAY MORNING EINESTEINS to complete the line up and recording. Not the straight DISCHARGE template, the songs here are fueled by D-Beat but crystallize a lot of the late 80’s and early 1990’s melodic Swedish hardcore sound, built with inventive riffs with well crafted songwriting. Cover by Charlie Granberg lampoons broken promises by Politicians as they wind the clock closer to an Apocalypse. Released in Europe by Peter Hirseland's Own new label, Nej för fan Records. His next release is an LP by his more rock band NERVENA.


A limited re-press of debut 6-Track E. P. by Swedish legends AVSKUM. Originally released in 1984, "Crucified By The System" is a growling, lo-fi intense dose of rampaging Swedish hardcore with hoarse vocals, pounding drums and rushing guitars. The fold out cover is a near-exact replica of the original 1984 7" EP, and this edition for the record's 40th anniversary includes a reprint of a band info insert from the time of release, a 3" circular vinyl sticker and is pressed on green vinyl with hand stamped labels.

LP's ship bagged, media mail in an oversize Whiplash mailer with two pads and a piece of bubble wrap. 45 will be taped to the pad.

Set comes with a 2" square SKamflack button, avskum pin and extra avskum sticker.