by Smash Detox and World Burns To Death

A remarkable cross border collaboration, SMASH DETOX is ISHIYA ( FORWARD), SOUICHI ( FORWARD), MUKAI ( JUDGEMENT), ZAC ( WORLD BURNS TO DEATH,) IIZAWA ( TETSU AREI ) and ANDREA. Two powerful songs - "Shanguri-La" and " Like water" that take elements of the intense hardcore sounds of each of their classic Japanese and American Hardcore bands, but combined to a new and unique whole.

Created with intense focus and effort, this recalls many of the classic definitive HG FACT two track EP's that defined the Tokyo punk sound of the late 90's and early 00's, but also has the unmistakable mark of Texas Powerhouse hardcore. Initially recorded and mixed at Toyko's OUR HOUSE studio, Guest Vocal by JACK CONTROL ( WORLD BURNS TO DEATH). Split release with HG FACT. Pocket sleeve with insert.

200 on Red vinyl ( Japan only). 200 on Blue vinyl (USA only, no sales to Japan), regular press on white vinyl.