TOTALITÄR "Ni Måste Bort!" CD

by Totalitär


TOTALITAR'S Classic Second LP "Ni Måste Bort!" translates loosely to "You've gotta go!" , Totalitar mark racist, sexist and capitalist modes of thought, dysfunctional politicians and useless media, cynicism and the dull mechanical wearing on people's lives on the "To go" list! A Frenzied wall of guitar driven thrash with gutteral shouts and pulverizing drums, Totalitar's sound was cut from the influence of classic D-beat and Swedish hardcore, but with time has become one of the genre's cornerstones.

Ni Måste Bort! was originally released on Sweden's FINN records label in the mid 1990's, and reissued originally by Prank in the early 2000's. This is is it's first re-release in almost two decades, from the original John Golden CD mastering with original booklets and tray cards from the 2003 Re-release featuring The re- imagined cover art by John Yates at Stealworks (Allied Records, Punchline magazine).

500 Pressed.