World Burns To Death / Slang Split 7"

by Slang and World Burns To Death

Marking the 2010 summer U.S. tour of Austin, Texas's WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and Sapporo, Japan's veteran hardcore band SLANG, this EP combines two guitar driven blasts of hardcore fury. SLANG have existed for over twenty years evolving between Classic Japanese fast hardcore and downbeat NYHC influences, their track " Our Grey Earth" rampages on SLANG's own path, incorporating the evolution of influences into a fast assault of hardcore that winds to a devastating guitar driven breakdown. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH similarly continue to evolve from caustic bursts of corrosive thrashing to a tempered attack stitched by a melodic guitar riff and glued solid with torrential drum bashing, volatile guitar blasts and harsh vocals, ensuring their track " Babylon Endures" continues their trademark sheer intensity.