by Avskum

This is one General admission Entry for the Avskum / Resistant Culture / Aninoko / Nucler Blud show at the The Knockout, 3223 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA on Tuesday October 10th 2023.

This is Avskum's only Bay area show

Show is at 8 PM and should be over by Midnight.

THIS SHOW IS 21+ No one under 21 can be admitted. Sorry.

No refunds if you don't make it.
Hit us up early if you feel you can't make it.
No refunds Day of show.

You will not be mailed an actual ticket.

We'll have a list at the door but wouldn't hurt to print out your order confirmation.
We're doing ticket sales through our webstore to save you fees. ( ticket sites charge Flat event fee + flat ticket charge + % on the event + payment processing % + Tax).
You will be charge tax on the sale.

The Knockout has a 150 Capacity. This show will sell out.

We've had Econopress Print 11" x 17" posters of the flyer and will have copies on hand at the end of the show for everyone at the gig. The $20 show entry covers the expenses of the gig, which are high

You Can combine this order with other stuff ( like if you wanted to buy an LP or something), but the shipping might work out weird. We've put the general shipping for a single LP and will refund whatever's over on additional items if it's off.