AVSKUM "Uppror Underifran" CD

by Avskum

Blasting an unrelenting wall of D-beat hardcore, Resonating with vitality, "Uppror Underifran" (translated loosely "Uproar from the Underground") by Swedish Legends AVSKUM is stunningly, their most severe record in the band's 26 year history. An overkill attack of smashing drums and guitar riffage, This Fourth Lp hearkens back to their 1982 origins , with a heavy DISCHARGE bent ala' ANTI-CIMEX mired with the incomprehensibily raw, blunt and brutal song structures found in the original era of Swedish hardcore punk. The MOTORHEAD-ish rock overdrive of their previous Prank LP's is still cranked with the curt economy of masters at the top of their game, capped with AVSKUM's inventive song structures and always great, trademark harsh vocals, all captured in a exceptional recording from Gothenburg's EVIL GRILL studio and slapped in a cool sleeve by Swedish artist CRASH MANGE. Taking a four year break since their last LP,"Punkista", the band took time writing "Uppror Underifran" to deliver 16 incredibly rock solid tracks that transition from their previous recordings to now have largely entirely Swedish lyrics, but still take relevant aim at U.S. War Policy, Capitalism and Mass consumption. Stunningly one of the band's best outings to date.

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