THE LAST SURVIVORS / END RESULT Split 7" on Hardcore Survives


Japan Import on Hardcore Survives.

"Raw of the Raw split 7"ep!
End Result (L.A/USA) approached with hot energy to The Last Survivors at first.
The Last Survivors responded and be fascinated of their sounds then decided to release on this ep.
End Result is playing a lots of shows and supporting bands in their local scene.
Sounds is vein of Crucifix/Iconoclast US anarcho hc punk, but It's not usual "common" d-beat.
their original D-beat Raw Assault!
Just another raw punk! The Last Survivors (Tokyo/Japan), this mastering is getting closer to End Result as Raw!
they're inspiring to so many old and young punks with UK/Scandi 82' sounds. Raw punk destruction to our bones!"

2 songs each / 400 pressed.