• Image of SYCHOPHANT "Innate Control" 1-sided LP

The tape version of this was one of my favorite releases of 2021, and it's finally on Vinyl on Suicide Of A Species. 1-sided LP. Highly recommended.

Here's my review of it from my personal IG:
"Fantastic. Completely, Positively, totally 110% awesome DISCHARGE influenced hardcore from Phoenix with that great super manic complex Southwest musicianship where it stops, starts and rips on a dime and gets about twisting and technical as hardcore punk needs to without overly complicating itself. There’s enough adherence to D-Beat, there’s metallic riffing, but the vocals are where it REALLY Sounds like DISCHARGE. The lyrics take the cue too. There’s no Bullshit here, no studio trickery, just rocking and blazing fast hardcore punk played by super good musicians with the ability to mess with the formula just enough makes this super fresh. Because of the speed, drumming is such a key to hardcore punk music and since the trend in hardcore has leaned towards simplify everything, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard a drummer play like this and just totally rip up the drum kit like this. "