Grimple - Up Your Ass CD

by Grimple

GRIMPLE “ Up Your Ass” ( GUYA) is a classic East Bay punk album of melodic hardcore, originally released in 1993 by legendary punk Photographer Murray Bowles and Eric Yee on their M&E record label. Grimple had recently moved from New Mexico to Oakland with a fast hardcore sound reminiscent of early song driven So Cal punk, but Their sound quickly absorbed some of the East Bay punk’s melodic underpinnings and shout-a-long choruses .These Fifteen tracks are such brash punk explosions, super fun odes to punk, being punk and having fun. One of the greatest fusions of what would later be called pop punk and caustic thrash ever! Grimple came from a scene that spawned intense and Heavy bands Like WORD SALAD and LOGICAL NONSENSE, but found themselves Playing back yard parties and at 924 Gilman with the diverse East Bay Punk Scene - from the super punk bands like ECONOCHRIST and FILTH to catchy song driven bands like GREEN DAY and RANCID and Grimple just fused a little bit of all of it together in perfect balance. This album was recorded by Legendary Lookout Records producer Kevin Army, and was painstakingly remastered by John Golden, who mastered the original pressing. . The CD is a straight re-press of Prank’s 2002 CD pressing that includes the band’s debut 7” and demo tracks with mastering by George horn.

“The band Grimple would devastate the planet. Good thing they’re gone. The world wasn’t ready for them then and couldn’t handle them now.”- JiZMak- GWAR

“If you like your music to make you feel good on the inside and to treat your ears like the tender ass flawed part of your anatomy that they are, then dont LISTEN TO THIS RECORD because listening to Grimple is a test and just when you think you know the answers Grimple changes the questions. You failed this test the day you were born. Grimple will help you remember this every goddamn day. This is real hardcore and it is truth, the truth in all its nasty bloody darkness. And in the end it will set you free. Freedom comes at severe cost and Grimple already paid for yours and its here for you now. GET INSIDE THIS RECORD and witness their reality thrown at you with an energy none of us ever truly comprehened. Grimple is one of one and you have to take a step towards them if you want any chance to recieve them on your terms, otherwise they might just take you in the night and at that point you’re fucked. If you dont BUY THIS RECORD you'll be worse off then you already are.”
-Scott Kelly- NEUROSIS

“ First saw GRIMPLE on a summer tour with Special Forces, we played a small backyard show together in Albuquerque, NM. They were great and the most down to earth people - I think they had a demo tape or practice recordings around that time that was pretty compelling, but within a matter of months they ended up moving out here, and just ripped Oakland up - terrific band.”

“Grimple changed my life. I saw them at a barbq in Oakland in 1992. They were great! But by the time they were done all the hotdogs were gone and I had to eat a tofu.”
-Jason Beebout- SAMIAM

“One of my fondest Spitboy tour memories was meeting Grimple at a show they hosted in their garage in New Mexico.
Our bands instantly bonded! We knew we were among good people who shared our love for punk rock music, anarcho politics and dedication to community.
I was blown away when Grimple took the stage that night - their energy filled the room, it drew you in and didn’t let go - raw, powerful and fueled with a passion that set the crowd on fire!
A year later, Grimple’s tour brought them to the east bay, where they decided to stay permanently and spent many moons iving in their small tour van. Grimple added new energy to the east bay punk scene with their fast, grinding hardcore that left your head spinning for days!
Our Grimple-Spitboy friendships continued to grow, sharing the stage at many local shows, affectionately calling Grimple our, ‘sister-brother band’.
30 years later, I am so fortunate to still have these wonderful people in my life and so excited to see Grimple rise again, to share their music with a new generation.
Forever family, forever brothers & sisters!”
-Paula- SPITBOY“

“I met Grimple last century. They were punk, lived in their van, and could party like wild things. On stage they were amazing, pure punk rock energy. I was lucky enough to see them a few times and we became great mates with a friendship that still remains. Today.”
-Pete Roadie- KICKER

“Grimple were a band always ahead of the curve. They were playing catchy, hook-laden melodic punk before pop punk exploded across the country. They turned to playing caustic super fast hardcore before a lot of people were hooked on that intensity, they then got heavier with more thrashy metallic riffage before everyone else grew out their hair. Like the best bands, their influences weren’t worn on their sleeve, but internalized, you can hear old 1980’s OC hardcore in it, it’s got a lot of DNA of the early Gilman Sound, but they managed to combine all or some of that together and ratchet up the speed, that’s its uniquely their own sound. A thoughtful group of friends and great band of musicians, I always remember their live shows being super energetic, slightly psychotic and ultra fun”
-Ken Sanderson- PRANK RECORDS

“Grimple was loud/fast and punk as fuck. The first time I saw them was when our bands played together in New Mexico around 1990, and then they all got arrested that night after the show. They brought that same energy to every garage, backyard, and club in the East Bay until we started calling the cops on them too.”
-Paul Lee- MONSULA