• Image of GUYANA PUNCH LINE - "Irritainment: Songs To The Disturb The Comfortable...." LP

Hardcore punk explosion, thirteen songs hurling fragments of melody and bombardments of lyrical attack. This is the second album from Columbia, South Carolina's Guyana Punch Line and a continuation of their quixotic quest to kick life into counter-culture thinking while trying not to laugh too hard. More to the point brutal than their debut "Maximum Smashism," the music of "Irritainment..." cues from Initial State and In/Humanity (where some members previously served time) blending moody, dark, brooding hardcore with abrasive thundering manic thrash, drifting further and further into the deep-end-with bent and destructive guitar riffs combined with a fierce, solid rhythm section back up.

Lyrically taking influence from Dead Kennedys and The Feederz school of mind-bending concepts and humor fired at rapid pace, Y2K = Year Zero! Plenty of time to smash it all down and start all over again. The record comes equipped with an extensive instruction booklet. (Prank 041)