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LEFT IN RUINS- "Ensam hatisk psykstörd" 10"

Image of LEFT IN RUINS- "Ensam hatisk psykstörd" 10"


Absolutely Savage record that recalls the best of SOUND POLLUTION records. I reviewed this record for MRR and dug it so much I got some copies. here's the review I did:

LEFT IN RUINS “ Ensam Hatisk Psykstord” 10”
Returning with their most savage effort after a decade long absence, Sweden’s LEFT IN RUINS 14 tracks here amp up several knotches -if not an entire dial -from their Split with MRTVA BUDOUCNOST and 7” EP almost ten plus years ago. A totally excellent dose of brutality fueled by the nail gun, jackhammer delivery of unrelenting throttling thrash, with only a few seconds to catch a breath in this 45 RPM onslaught-as it largely zig-zags through blastbeat tempo changes at high speed. A Precise recording grounds this chaotic mayhemfrom turning into a total blizzard of noise. It’s the sloppy, slathering andmost importantly super pissed off vocals, sung completely in Swedish, that pin this closer to classic Swedish hardcore brutality, as if you dumped oneof the more raw vocalled off of the first REALLY FAST comps in a blender withINTENSE DEGREE and pulsed until you came up with short, curt bursts ofsomething infinitely more severe. Not Grind, not lumbering power violence,just pure speed and anger from Members of WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED, SEWN SHUT,INTENSITY….but way, way more severe. Way more. Limited to 260 copies. ( KS)

On SMRT Records
Limited to 260 copies.#'d.

Sold Out