• Image of SOLPAATOS - robotti 7"ep  on Hardcore Survives

Japan Import on Hardcore Survives.

Niigata-city Raw Finnish Spunk Hard Beat! They've got lots of infected persons as they put songs on VA - Raw Punkz 7"ep/cd (on Vox Populi) and 1st 7"ep (on We Suck). It Sound puts out by thier outstanding sense and originality via Scandinavian wind and snow country of Niigata-city. It's different of traditional Kaaos, Riistetyt or Bastards. more UK82' style Lama, Appendix, Vaurio's melodious and catchy musics! burst open bass line, sadness guitar riff and raw drumming. Here comes another side Finnish punk now!

4 songs / 700 pressed.